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Brian Butte

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    Brian Butte currently works at Verizon, focused on strategy, helping banking clients transform IT with cloud (including software defined networking), data analytics, mobility & IoT, collaboration and eCommerce. Over his career Brian has focused on emerging technology strategy and architecture, with the past 10+ years focused on cloud computing, analytics, and eCommerce.

    Previously, Brian served as Vice President of Cloud Computing at Tangoe and at AT&T as Director of Strategy and Innovation in the Retail and Financial Services verticals. Brian was a Director at PwC leading the Cloud Computing and IT Transformation practices within Advisory IT Strategy. Brian has also spent time as a consultant at Diamond Management and Technology Partners, IBM and EDS.

    Brian is a noted thought leader in cloud computing who has spoken at several leading conferences including InterOp, Cloud Expo and Linux World and spoken on Big Data at the Business Intelligence Innovation Summit. Brian received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

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