Closing the Cisco Cert Zone (for Now)

So Long

Hi folks. This short post is a notice to let everyone know that I'll not be continuing to blog in the Cisco Cert Zone for the foreseeable future. For those of you who just saw this blog, the links below point out some of the more popular posts from years past that still have relevance today. For you (former) regular readers, I've a few comments for you as well, if you want to click past the intro paragraph. Regardless, thanks for participating with me in this space for the last 4-5 years!

First, for anyone just finding this blog, who thinks the subject matter might be interesting, many of the old posts still apply. Some of the posts here were about current happenings, but many of the topics apply to certification preparation, particularly CCNA and CCNP, and those topics do not change quickly. Those topics look at technology, lab gear, and bigger issues about how to navigate the Cisco cert landscape. And I often did series on various topics, so look to the list at the end of this post for some links to the more popular series of topics that may still be of interest.

To those of you who used to read this blog regularly, first, thanks for reading and participating. That's truly what made it worthwhile to spend the time writing something meaningful. I do miss that already. Thanks for joining in with me!

The short version of my choice to move on is that I've burned out with the blog, and feel the need at least for an extended time away. The folks at Network World have always been fair with me, and I do very much appreciate that (thanks!). For now, though, it's time to stop, and I wanted to let ya'll know rather than leave you wondering. You may even bump into around the net, or at Cisco Live!, or other places. (If you do see me there, do stop to say hi!)

That's it! The rest of the post lists some links of some of the older but still pertinent series. (Note: some of these links go to the last post in a series; for those, if you look around in the post, you'll see links to all the rest of the posts in that series.)

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