Massively controversial revenge site shuttered

Founder Hunter Moore writes that the site’s time is up

It may come as no surprise to almost everyone but what the Village Voice called Hunter Moore's "revenge-porn site" has posted its last scornful naked picture.

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The domain name for the site "Is Anyone Up?" was bought by a site known as which wrote:

" served no public good.  That is why it is offline. There are millions of women and men who are thankful that is no longer online.  Lawyers and massive companies have tried unsuccessfully to remove it from the Internet., its parent ViaView Inc. and other corporate parents have purchased only the domain name have purchased only the domain name <>, and did so in order to shut the site down and to put an end to its ignoble activities."

 Currently if you click the site you see a letter from founder Moore that reads in part:

It's been a little over a year from the first post on Is Anyone Up and its crazy to think that the few posts I did with my friends to get back at a few girls that broke our hearts would turn into what it did. I started the site with zero dollars, I had -$120 in my bank account and had to ask my mom for her credit card to pay for the $9 Server bill.

Running this site has been an uphill battle to say the least.  From the Server Company's bills to the lawyers taking people's money promising they could get your images down to Facebook, PayPal, Live Nation, A Day to Remember and the countless others who tried to shut me down, beat me up or the girl who stabbed me and yet we are still here.

The site was started for the scene and I tried to keep it that way as long as I could by supporting bands and giving them reasonable prices on ad space. The bills were getting too insane and I had to turn to the porn game for extra money but it's too shady and, in my opinion, it ruined the site.  That and my appearance on Anderson Cooper didn't help.  The site was a blessing for me and still is, but I am burned out and I honestly can't take another underage kid getting submitted and having to go through the process of reporting it and dealing with all the legal drama of that situation.

The Village Voice did a large piece on Moore and his web site just this month  if you want to know more, read it here.  The Anderson interview is here:

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