Minecraft in Latin? … Perhaps now the pope will play

Just one of many Minecraft translations, including Klingon, that are in progress

All I really know about Minecraft is that this video game has captivated my three children like no activity they have known in all of their 11 years. So I have taken to following the Twitter account of Minecraft lead developer Jens (Jeb) Bergensten and noted this tweet from him July 4.


Now I know what you're thinking: Armenian? I jest, of course, because unless you're a Latin aficionado or reside in the Vatican, you're wondering why one of the world's most popular video games would be translated into one of the world's no longer all that popular languages (far be it from me to call Latin d-e-a-d).     

I tweeted the question to Bergensten but received no reply. Stepping up to fill that void, however, was Twitter user Kerstmus:


Fair enough. As it turns out, Latin is but the latest of a few dozen languages - including Klingon, Esperanto and Pirate English - that are in various stages of Minecraft translation and/or approval. Here's a look at those listed as being in need of translation:


There are another 44 - ranging from "Bahasa, Indonesia" to Vietnamese - that are listed as "translated but needs to be voted." Closest to making the grade would appear to be "Spanish, Argentina" (99%) and "Portuguese, Brazilian" (94%). The only two listed as "confirmed" are Korean and Welsh.

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While Bergensten's July 4 tweet may have trumpeted Latin's initial foray into the official Minecraft translation project, a little searching shows fans of the language have already created Latin mods for the game and set up shop in Minecraft forums.

That earlier work may explain how the Latin translation project -- announced mere days ago -- is already listed as being 60 percent complete.

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