Mr. Linux goes Hollywood for the Oscars

Linus Torvalds and his wife attend the Night Before Oscars party and awkwardly mingle with Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman and Warren Beatty

Linux Torvalds

Some might question how Facebook got to be the subject of an Academy Award winning movie while Linux and its made-for-Pixar-movie-fame mascot Tux have gone about their business in relative obscurity, Hollywood-wise at any rate.

In fact, when The Social Network came out, eagle-eyed open source enthusiasts were quick to grasp onto and celebrate that KDE 3 makes a cameo appearance in the movie on a computer used by Mark Zuckerberg (played by actor Jesse Eisenberg).

For those who still feel like Linux and open source have been slighted by Tinseltown, you'll be heartened to know that the Father of the Linux kernel, Linus Torvalds, and his wife Tove were among the beautiful people at Saturday's Night Before Party in Beverly Hills.

Torvalds blogged about the Oscars party experience Monday, recounting a series of awkward encounters with movie stars.

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Torvalds describes himself as a geek whose daily routine consists mainly of writing and answering email in his above-the-garage office, while dressed in a ratty bathrobe. So getting to attend the glittery pre-Oscars party via an invitation from a company he works with was quite a departure for the open source software expert.

From the blog post:

Everybody seemed to take [us walking up to familiar looking people and asking them who they were] in good cheer. We interrupted David Spade chatting up Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis (that's what Tove says, I was oblivious - it's those famous geek social graces again. I told her I'm sure I'd have noticed Natalie Portman and that she can't possibly have been there, but whatever), and Tove pissed off Warren Beatty by asking his name not just once, but twice.

He also referred to Mad Men's Jon Hamm as one of his new BFFs.

Of course Torvalds shouldn't be so modest. Surely Portman, Beatty and others recognized him from 2001's documentary Revolution O.S., no?

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