4 ways to have fun with IP addresses

Why so serious? Here are a few ways to have some fun with your IP address.

Look, I know that the pool of IPv4 addresses running out is a serious topic that requires a serious solution, and we should all be moving to IPv6 as soon as possible. But before we shelve those old IP addresses, let's take a look back at a few ways folks have had some fun with them. IP Spotting You are probably familiar with train spotting, the British hobby of watching trains and noting their numbers. You may even be familiar with Monty Python's camel spotting. But you may not know there is a site dedicated to IP spotting. If you go there, the site will take a peek at your IP address and try to find something interesting about it. Are any of the numbers prime? What does it look like as a bitmap? If your IP address were a poker hand, what would it be? If it were a phrase? A point on a map? My IP address ranked rather low, at 19. But I'm sure you're dying to take a look at the best-ranked IP address the site ever found, so here it is. QUIZ: How prepared are you for IPv6? MoanMyIP.com It's not what you say, it's how you say it, and that goes for IP addresses as well as anything else. For that reason, you may not want to go to MoanMyIP.com at work with the speakers on. Yes, visit the site and a woman's voice will say your IP address in a way that will make your router blush. The tamer, totally safe-for-work version is HearMyIP.com, though links from there will take you to MoanMyIP, MoanMyOS, MoanMyTime and MoanMyWeather. wIPe your feet Nothing says "casa de geek" like a doormat with the words "There's no place like" on it, available from ThinkGeek. Writes ThinkGeek, "Consider them your own personal wormholes to a place where users invented clue and upper management gets outsourced." Meanwhile, T-shirt maker Zazzle has the same idea, only updated for IPv6. Clues left behind Web surfers provide their IP addresses to the sites they visit as a matter of course, and these IP addresses are often logged. With a little patience, you can check out those addresses to see where they originate from. You might find something interesting, like this guy did. Got another idea for having fun with IP addresses? Let us know in the comments below.

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