Cisco Defends the CCNP Wireless Announcement

A few days back I posted an article about a Cisco Learning Partner that released the CCNP Wireless Courses to the public before Cisco Announced them. In defense of that I received an email from a Cisco Program Manager thats stated:

Your article is totally wrong and you should check your facts. Cisco announced the CCNP Wireless Track in December 2008 at Barcelona.

Here is what I disagree with: I dont think that the "specific courses" in the track were announced in 2008 in Barcelona. There were multiple articles that circulated just a few months back that stated Cisco would officially release the CCNP Wireless Information at Cisco Live 2009, in San Francisco. The fact that a program was on the way is not what I was informing people of. I was simply informing people of the fact that Cisco had not officially announced the program details, and according to the Cisco web site at 9:30 am this morning, still had not released the course details. Still, a Learning Partner (Fastlane) has. If you dont believe me, check out my screen shot from this morning: Uploaded with plasq's Skitch! Anyhow, one person who commented on my last post made mention that I must have missed the last CLP update. My only response would be that I was under the impression that the CLP updates were for CLPs only, not for general public release. In the end if someone wants to say that I am wrong thats fine- I know what I saw. I saw a list of courses that had not been announced by Cisco being announced by a Cisco Learning Partner and those courses still dont show up on the Cisco Web Site. I wasn't trying to step on anyones toes. I'm actually excited to see the courses come together. BTW- I should probably mention that my posting here in no way reflects the thoughts or opinions of my employer.

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