Who Is An Interesting Person As A Podcast Guest?

In the new year, I'm starting a brand new podcast for Network World Microsoft Subnet. I've learned from my current SSAATY podcast , which I've co-hosted for over one year now, that interesting people are more important than just having a trendy, buzzword topic. I really enjoy interviewing people who not only know a good deal about their topic, but also are just fascinating to talk with and have their own opinions rather than spouting the same old party line.

I'll continue this trend with the Converging On Microsoft Podcast (coming soon!) by inviting interesting people onto the podcast. The focus is on topics which are Microsoft related but that doesn't mean guests are limited to Microsoft employees. I'm looking for people involved in the Microsoft ecosystem; every day users of Microsoft technologies, product creators expanding the Microsoft ecosystem, software developers, industry watchers and leaders in the Microsoft community. But foremost, I'm looking for people who are interesting, who have they're own take on the industry and technology we work with, and will provide their own unique perspective.

Now I realize putting up this blog post means I'm likely to get spammed by every marketing and PR department in the world (that spam counts against you, btw) but I'm doing this on the chance that I'll get some honest, intelligent, heart felt guest recommendations too.

If you would like to suggest someone, post it here as a comment on the blog. Be sure to say why this person is interesting and would be worthwhile for others to listen and gain from their perspective. You can also contact me via email.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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