Ultimate guide to Linux desktop environments

A compilation of one Linux expert's adventures with 10 desktop environments.

linux enterprise

Network World's resident Linux enthusiast Bryan Lunduke set out on a mission to immerse himself in a variety of Linux desktops, using each exclusively for both work and personal computing for at least one week, and documented his experiences on his Linux Tycoon blog.

He ended up writing 10 reviews, which we've compiled here in one place so you can compare desktop environments or just read about the ones you haven't tried yet.  We've added brief summaries of each review below, and the hyperlinked subheads take you to the full piece:

elementary OS's Pantheon

For clarity, this review applied to the Pantheon desktop environment and not the elementary OS itself.

That environment, however, pleasantly surprised our reviewer. Pantheon stood out for its clean and simple user experience. For example, the application launcher was extremely useful for Bryan:

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