These CompSci programs deliver most bang for buck, report finds

PayScale report breaks out best value colleges for computer science, engineering and more

The computer science programs at Stanford University, the University of California at Berkeley and MIT offer students the best return on investment, according to a new report by salary watcher PayScale.

The report, playing off valid concerns of mounting student debt, enables you to slice and dice data to figure out estimated ROI for CompSci and other college programs on an annual and 20-year basis.

Students graduating from the Stanford CompSci program, without financial aid and living on campus, can expect an average net ROI of $1.6M over 20 years vs. someone who enters the workforce straight from high school, according to the interactive PayScale report.  The promise of such a good salary for those armed with computer science degrees might make the four-year total cost of $233K (including around $30 in loans) at Stanford a little easier to swallow, right?

You can also check out results with different parameters, including for those who receive financial aid or live off campus.

PayScale report PayScale

Other findings:

*Best value college for engineering majors is Rice University, with a 20-year ROI of nearly $1.2 million (RELATED: Rice researchers making quantum computing progress)

*Best overall college value: Harvey Mudd College, with a 20-year ROI of nearly $1 million (this number comes from the difference between 20-year median pay for a bachelor's grad and 24-year median pay for a high school grad minus total 4-year cost).

*Lehigh is listed as the "best value party school" and Brigham Young as the best value sober school.

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