The data-center workforce needs skills in cloud, analytics, and programming

As staffing requirements grow globally, organizations are looking for IT pros with skills that include cloud management, data analytics, network programming and security.

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affected many areas of IT, including the data center, where changes to the infrastructure—particularly adoption of cloud services—are bringing about the need for new skill sets among workers who staff them.

Perhaps no technology industry benefitted more from the pandemic than cloud computing; the location independence of cloud services makes them ideal for a world where the majority of line-of-business as well as IT workers are no longer in the office.

But does that mean businesses will rely on infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and no longer need their own on-premises data centers and data-center IT teams? Analysts and futurists have been asking this question for about a decade, but now cloud, already strong before the pandemic, has gone through an inflection point and brought new immediacy to the issue.

The answer is that data centers are not going anywhere anytime soon, but they will look fundamentally different. That’s good news for people currently working in data centers and those considering careers there, because adoption of cloud and other changes will create a wave of new opportunities.

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