6G: Vast and mysterious promises

6G wireless may be a decade away, but it’s already expected to support terabit speeds, power mobile devices, and enable mobile holograms.

I know what you’re thinking. “6G? He wants to blather on about 6G, when we barely have 5G?”

Point taken. But 5G’s seemingly interminable rollout should not preclude wildly premature and breathless anticipation over its successor. Let’s face it, the time will come when we’ll all be complaining about the limitations of puny little 5G. Plus, isn’t wildly premature and breathless anticipation the essence of technology publishing?

The first thing to know about 6G is that it’s still in the conceptual stage. Standards are several years away, and deployment may not come until 2030. Nonetheless, there is good reason for enterprises IT professionals to be excited about what 6G will enable once it’s widely available.

While a new generation technology standard for cellular broadband networks comes along every 10 years or so, “this one is different,” according to a new IDTechEx report, 6G Communications Market, Devices, Materials 2021-2041.

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