VMware says its SD-WAN client makes remote-access VPNs unnecessary

VMware SD-WAN Client promises to provide secure access for hybrid workers' devices plus management, visibility, and policy support as if they were in the office.


VMware is prepping client software for individual devices to connect to its SD-WAN services without the need for remote-access VPNs.

Aimed at the work-from-home or hybrid worker, the company will launch VMware SD-WAN Client software that provides secure access to PCs and mobile devices, and provides management, visibility, and policy support as if they were in the office. When it becomes generally available in the spring, it will include versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android and be bundled with the VMware SD-WAN package.

“Post pandemic secure remote access is obviously important, and all of the challenges that led IT to deploy SD-WAN in the first place, like simplicity of management at scale, automation, visibility, and network error correction, are amplified as people work from home,” said Craig Connors, vice president and general manager of SASE Business at VMware. “The software client will bring all of that SD-WAN technology right to your desktop or mobile phone and leapfrog legacy remote access VPNs via a cloud-native, cloud-delivered package.”

VMware SD-WAN Client can replace VPN hardware, create secure tunnels and set up a high-performance private network fabric between servers, clouds, and remote workers’ desktop or mobile devices, Connors said.

VMware announced that to accelerate development of the client, it has acquired Ananda Networks.

The client will integrate with VMware’s Edge Network Intelligence platform, which provides IT-actionable data on network traffic and application performance from the cloud, to branch offices, to the end user, and across their wired and/or wireless devices, Connors said.

The client will expand VMware’s remote-access options as it offers its Workspace ONE users SD-WAN and SASE connectivity to securely manage end users’ mobile devices and cloud-hosted virtual desktops and applications from the cloud or on-premises. With Workspace ONE, a customer’s remote-access client automatically connects to the closest VMware SD-WAN cloud point of presence.

In addition to the client, VMware also expanded its SD-WAN offering to include:

  • Enhanced artificial intelligence support for its Edge Network Intelligence platform that lets VMware SD-WAN and SASE enterprises identify traffic patterns and offer better alternative network paths to the cloud and proactively notify operations teams to take remedial action.
  • A managed SD-WAN/SASE service called VMware Private Mobile Network will include its SD-WAN/SASE package along with its Edge Compute Stack, an amalgamation of new and existing software to run, manage, and secure edge apps across multiple clouds and at local and edge locations. Private Moblie Network will be delivered by service providers that VMware has not named yet.
  • 16 new global points of presence for its its SD-WAN and SASE footprint. VMware and its partners offer more than 200 PoPs worldwide.

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