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Decision Making Time! – CiscoLive 2012

Apr 20, 20123 mins
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What classes do I want to take this year? LISP? IPv6? Multicast? FabricPath? SDN? SBA?

First, I have to lead off saying that I LOVE CiscoLive!!  

Yes, I work at Cisco…… Yes, I am a speaker at CiscoLive…… Yes, I’m even a Session General Manager for session groups RST (routing and switching) and IPM (multicast).   So this might all just sound like me just “drinking the kool-aid” or “marketing” CiscoLive to you.  But that is honestly not it. 

I really like the energy in the air at CiscoLive.  You know the energy I’m talking about.  Like one big huge “birds of a feather” gathering.  Where learning is happening everywhere around you.  There is such an excitement in the air, and it is just contagious!!  And I totally get into that excitement of learning as well since I also do attend some of the CiscoLive sessions. How can one resist?  But don’t worry, I’ll never ever steal your seat —  I only attend the ones that aren’t sold out the day of the event. 

I get excited starting about 2 months prior to Cisco Live.  Two months prior to Cisco Live is typically the timeframe that our slidedecks are due to the Session General Manager (SGM) for our session group.  So first I start getting really excited about my slide decks and my sessions.  But after becoming a SGM myself a couple years ago, I also started getting excited about going to some sessions.  Why?  Because as an SGM I have to review the slide decks for the sessions in RST and IPM.  So I get to see all of those slide decks starting about 2 months prior to the event.  So now I feel like a kid in a candy store and I just can’t decide what to do!  

Paid for Content: Techtorials and Labs

LABS: Unfortunately, I can’t attend the labs. If I could I would probably go to 4 hour LISP hands on lab (LTRRST-2005) or the IPv6 Hands on Lab (LTRRST-1301) and sign up for the 2nd track for Intermediate/Advanced IPv6 folks.

Techtorials:  Well, now that is another matter entirely.  No, I can’t “officially” sign up, but as long as it isn’t sold out I can walk in and sit in the back.  Lots of techtorials to choose from.  But for 2012 I believe my decision is already made.  LISP!  TECRST-3191.  Admittedly I had NO plans to attend this class oiginally.  Why?  How much honesty can you take?  I was scared.  Why?  First, the class is listed as “advanced” and I’m not even a beginner at LISP.  Second, it is 8 HOURS LONG on a technology I am not even at the LISP for dummies level.  Hmmmm…. is there is LISP for dummies book?  

So, why the change of heart?     I had to review their power point slide deck.  It’s nice, it’s tight and it doesn’t look that scary.  ….. So, as long as it is not sold out, that is where you will find me on Sunday.


I think for the breakouts I’m leaning towards focusing on LISP, IPv6, and 2 Multicast classes of particular interest to my “day job”

  • Nexus Multicast Design Best Practices
  • Multicast MPLS or Multipoint LDP (I haven’t decided yet)

This is going to be a great CiscoLive this year!

See you in San Diego!!!