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Hitchhiker’s Guide to Troubleshooting IPv6

Jan 24, 20132 mins
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Just one of the many new “RST” sessions for CiscoLive Orlando: June 23rd-27th

Mark your calendars! February 12th. That is when the CiscoLive Orlando session catalog goes live. And I have to say I’m stoked!! I’m stoked for you, and I’m stoked for me.

Why? Because I’m so pumped about a bunch of the new sessions that I know are going to be in there for you to choose from. Why? Because I happen to be part of the team that decides for the “RST” session group (routing and switching) and we had some GREAT submissions for new sessions this year.

No one from “Cisco Live Support” happens to be on IM right now.  Hmmmm, ask for permission or beg for forgiveness? Okay, I’m going with “beg for forgiveness”. I’m just so pumped about all the new sessions for 2013 in the RST session group that apparently I just have to share it with someone or I will burst.

The “List”

IPv6, BYOD, onePK, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, ISIS will ALL have new sessions this year under the “RST” umbrella. Some have names so far and some don’t. Of course even those with names have the possibility of being tweaked between now and February 12th. But here is the list and the current names.

New RST Breakouts for CiscoLive US 2013

  • Identifying Use Cases for onePK
  • The Killer Use Case of SDN: Network Management/Automation
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to Troubleshooting IPv6
  • OSPF Deployment in Modern Networks
  • EIGRP Deployment in Modern Networks
  • Fundamentals of Network Architecture
  • ISIS Fundamentals and Troubleshooting
  • Implementing Cloud Connectors: Installation and Setup of a Cloud Connector
  • How the Internet Really Works
  • Scaling BGP

New RST Technical Seminars for CiscoLive US 2013

  • Application Awareness in the network – The route to Application Visibility and Control
  • Fast Convergence and Scalability in Virtualized Network Designs
  • Bring Your Own Device – How to Design and Architect New RST Instructor Led Labs for CiscoLive US 2013
  • BYOD: Implementation and Troubleshooting

My Favorites

It is too soon, really, to tell what my favorite ones are going to be out of that list. After all, for most of them, the slide deck outline hasn’t even been created yet. But I am pumped!