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Microsoft to bolster Software Assurance program

Jan 23, 20063 mins
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Microsoft to bolster Software Assurance program, 01/20/06

Microsoft is planning several major changes to beef up features of Software Assurance, the company’s maintenance and upgrade program that has been criticized for its expense and slow follow-up with new products.

Bulgaria arrests eight for phishing operation, 01/23/06

Authorities in Bulgaria last week arrested eight people who allegedly stole financial information using a variety of fake Web pages carrying Microsoft logos, netting the group at least $50,000.

Microsoft closes UMT deal, 01/19/06

Microsoft Chairman and CEO Steve Ballmer Thursday announced the close of the company’s deal to purchase software and other assets from portfolio management software vendor UMT.

Newsletter: Microsoft and EMC enter the grid computing arena, 01/19/06

Microsoft and EMC are getting into the cluster and grid computing game. Microsoft in November introduced the second beta of its Windows Compute Cluster …

Microsoft releases JDBC driver for SQL Server 2005, 01/19/06

Microsoft has released a Java Database Connectivity driver for SQL Server 2005, providing a way for developers to link their Java applications to Microsoft’s latest database software.

Microsoft downplays Windows Wi-Fi ‘anomaly’, 01/18/06

A design flaw in Windows XP and Windows 2003 systems with built-in wireless capabilities could be exploited by hackers to lure Wi-Fi users into connecting to malicious wireless networks, according to Microsoft, which recently completed an …

Analyst: No effect from tardy XP service pack, 01/18/06

Microsoft’s plan to release a third service pack for Windows XP later than expected should not have much effect on sales of Windows Vista, the company’s upcoming desktop upgrade, according to a market analyst.

Microsoft launches latest assault on Lotus customers, 01/17/06

Just a week ahead of its rival’s annual user conference, Microsoft Tuesday unveiled a set of migration tools hoping to win converts from Lotus Notes.

WORLDBEAT – Irish corporate tax a mixed blessing, 01/17/06

There are obvious locations that come to mind as tax havens: Bermuda, the Isle of Man, Malta, the Canary Islands. But Ireland? Recently, Google and Microsoft made headlines for how much they save on taxes by conducting operations in Ireland. This was …

Microsoft offers discount for Small Business Accounting, 01/17/06

In a bid to woo small businesses, Microsoft announced Monday a $100 discount and one year of free support for customers who purchase its Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 software.

Group policy vendors adding better control to their wares, 01/16/06

Group policy vendors adding sophistication to management system.

Microsoft wins over retailer Target, 01/16/06

Target to standardize retail stores on Windows, .Net.