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Everdream offers desktop management as a service

Feb 13, 20064 mins
Data CenterSaaSSmall and Medium Business

* With Everdream SMBs can have the benefit of enterprise-class desktop management services

The practice of desktop management has been around for quite a few years. Large enterprises have this challenge pretty well under control, with every desktop device protected and managed centrally. Asset management, software distribution, virus protection and patch management are among the regular tasks of IT departments that use best practices to keep the client devices running smoothly and efficiently.

Now small and midsized companies can have the benefit of full desktop management services without having to expand their in-house IT capabilities. Everdream Corporation offers a full range of desktop management services via a cost-effective Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Everdream is able to bring enterprise-class desktop management and best practices to the companies that can’t afford (or don’t want) a dedicated staff to do it themselves. Best of all, it’s delivered as a secure Web-based service, so there’s no complicated hardware or software to install and maintain.

Everdream provides an integrated offering of on-demand software and managed services that are activated with a simple Internet connection. A customer’s employees can benefit from the services no matter where they are working, so even mobile and remote devices are easy to manage.

There are three modular suites of services offered by Everdream: Uptime Services Suite, Compliance Services Suite, and Live Help Desk Services. Let have a look at what each offers.

The Uptime Services Suite is aimed at keeping enabled PCs up and running regardless of the threats against them. This suite includes:

* Virus protection powered by Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition.

* Virus remediation if needed.

* Patch management and distribution.

* Online backup.

* Data restoration.

I especially like the automatic online back-up feature, which backs up data files on the PCs to a safe and secure location on the Internet. In the event of a hard disk crash, theft or loss of the PC, or a damaging virus like Kama Sutra, the user’s data is secure and easily recoverable.

The Compliance Services Suite helps a company gain visibility and control over its desktop assets. This suite includes:

* Asset discovery.

* Asset management.

* Software distribution.

* Asset administration.

* Software compliance.

These tools and services help the company figure out exactly what assets it has, where they are, and whether the company has the appropriate software versions and licenses.

A key component of both suites is the Everdream Control Center (ECC) console, which provides a single window into a customer’s complete Windows environment to gain visibility into all aspects of desktop management – compliance and uptime.

Last but not least, the Live Help Desk Services give a customer’s employees real people to talk to at a 24-hour a day help desk. There are several support packages that are customized to fit specific business needs, and each package has a guaranteed service-level agreement. Having a Live Help Desk service is certainly preferable to having employees struggle to help each other with computer problems, dragging down everyone’s productivity.

When all the services are taken together, the worry of managing the whole desktop environment goes away. And when I say “desktop,” I do include the portable PCs that are usually so hard to track and manage. With complete desktop management off their plate, the IT professionals on staff can concentrate on activities that provide higher business value.

The overhead on PCs is small. Each computer under Everdream management gets a piece of agent software. When that PC connects to the Internet, the agent relays information about the PC to the ECC. Based on the services a customer subscribed to, the PC pulls the needed services – such as a software patch or an anti-virus update – from the ECC. It’s that simple.

I’m recommending this suite of services to my company owner. I want to get out of the business of worrying about software patches and the latest threats and just concentrate on doing my job. I’d prefer to leave the support to the experts at Everdream.