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Feds: Go-slow approach on IPv6

Feb 13, 20063 mins

Latest LAN news.

Feds: Go-slow approach on IPv6, 02/13/06

IPv6 advocates looking for the U.S. federal government to make a major financial commitment to the next generation of the Internet’s main communications protocol will be disappointed with the findings of a new report from the Commerce Department.

HP to bolster ProCurve switch family, 02/13/06

HP ProCurve is expected to launch several new wiring closet, LAN aggregation and core switch products this week targeted at organizations requiring combinations of Gigabit, Power over Ethernet, and switch-based traffic management and security features.

Deciding the future of Ethernet, 02/13/06

Scaling Ethernet to new heights — as much as 100Gbps — as well developing 10G Ethernet for copper wiring and internal system backplanes are among the chief issues at this week’s DesignCon conference.

Router Weblog: As Cisco goes, so go the switch, router markets, 02/10/06

While Cisco may not be the bellwether of the high-tech economy it once was, watching its sales numbers is still the best way to gauge the health of the router and switch markets. And from the releases of Cisco’s second-quarter earnings , things are …

Regulatory delays kill Transmeta’s Crusoe sale, 02/09/06

Transmeta’s deal to sell its Crusoe line of processors to a Hong Kong-based company has been called off after delays obtaining U.S. government technology export clearance, Transmeta said in a U.S. regulatory filing on Thursday.

High-Speed LANs Newsletter: Article plots future of LAN gear, 02/09/06

This time I want to take a moment to highlight a very interesting article on all about the next generation of LAN switches.

Routers Weblog: 100Gbps Ethernet or bust, 02/09/06

One user who would rather see the next version of Ethernet reach 100Mbps rather than 40Gbps is Mike Bennett , senior network engineer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), which has long been on the bleeding edge in its use of high-speed …

Cisco beats Q2 earnings estimates, 02/07/06

Cisco’s second quarter earnings beat analyst expectations on revenue in line with those forecast.

High-Speed LANs Newsletter: Newcomer ClariPhy reveals plan for reducing fiber costs, 02/07/06

Last September I introduced you to ClariPhy, a start-up that was at that time just peeking its head out of stealth mode to comment on the fiber-vs.-copper …

Routers Weblog: Juniper’s ISR killer?, 02/07/06

Juniper’s new Secure Services Gateway 550 — a WAN router/firewall — was recently put through its paces by Network World test guru Joel Snyder , and the results were “very good” overall. The box, which is the first device to marry Juniper’s WAN router …