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A scoring system for telephone support; NetScanTools Pro: A networking Swiss Army knife

Feb 14, 20062 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Backspin: A scoring system for telephone support * Gearhead: NetScanTools Pro: A networking Swiss Army knife * The past 7 days on Gibbsblog

Backspin: A scoring system for telephone support

In the commercial whirl that is IT, we get to interact with all sorts of organizations, and despite e-mail we still have to use the telephone to deal with them.

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Gearhead: NetScanTools Pro: A networking Swiss Army knife

We love Swiss Army knife-style tool kits, those suites of services and functions that are managed through a common interface. We reviewed an e-mail tool kit in this category a few weeks ago, and today we have a networking Swiss Army knife-style tool kit: NetScanTools Pro 10 from Northwest Performance Software.

To read this week’s Gearhead in its entirety, click here.

The past 7 days on Gibbsblog

Ultimate Touchscreen

Remember in the movie Minority Report where Tom Cruise uses two hands to manipulate images on a display? Didn’t you immediately think “I want one too!”? Well, looks like multi-point touch displays aren’t far off …


YAi (Yet Another iPod)

Anyone who purchased a G5 iPod (AKA the “video iPod”) recently may read this and weep: A new improved version is on the way …


DEMO O6: Day two

The second day of DEMO was as good as the first!

I would have posted sooner but at the Pointe South Mountain Resort where DEMO was staged the in-room Internet service, provided by Wayport didn’t work from Monday when I arrived until Thursday morning when I left!

Let me quickly note that Wayport just don’t get the customer service thing: They’re helpful and friendly but disorganized and waste not only customer’s time but their own. Pretty sad.

Then I missed my plane, the next flight got delayed for an hour by mechanical problems, and the airline (America West) lost my luggage (I cannot understand how they did it – it was only a 90 minute direct flight!).

Anyway, here’s what caught my attention on Day Two …


DEMO 06: Day one

Wow. What a day! A few truly outstanding products, a lot of solid ones, and a few that made you wonder how they were going to make money. In much the same way, there were some terrific presentations, a few good ones, and a couple that were not so much bad as ill-considered.

So, from DEMO 06, Day one, here’s what I caught my attention …


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