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The format is in the e-mail; Tools for travelers

Feb 28, 20062 mins
Enterprise Applications

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Backspin: The format is in the e-mail

What is e-mail for? I ask that rhetorically because I think I know the answer: to communicate information.

But this leads to a more complex question: How much information can we communicate using an e-mail message? Moreover, how much information should we be able to communicate?

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Gearhead: Tools for travelers

How many times have you been traveling and, hours or even days after plugging your laptop into the broadband connection in your hotel room, you realize you didn’t change your PC configuration from your office setup to something more secure?

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The past 7 days on Gibbsblog

The Format is in the E-mail

In this week’s Backspin I discuss the value of HTML formatted e-mail. I contend that HTML email is not only useful as it increases the information carried, it also improves the quality of users’ writing.

So, can we find a safe, expressive medium that satisfies the presentation requirements of the New School of email users while it addresses at least some of the Old School’s concerns? My suggestions are either a limited set of HTML that excludes scripting and CSS or a technology like Adobe’s Flashpaper.


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