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Getting MPEG files to auto-stream in QuickTime; Die, file, die!

Mar 06, 20062 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Dr. Internet columnist Steve Blass offers advice on how to get MPEG files to auto-stream in QuickTime * Help Desk columnist Ron Nutter offers advice of getting rid of an unwanted file

* Getting MPEG files to auto-stream in QuickTime

By Steve Blass

Q: Is there a way to publish MPEG-4 files to the Web so they will open using Fast Start streaming in QuickTime when a user clicks on the link for the *.mp4 file?

A: I have yet to find a consistent way to create Fast Start streaming with raw MP4 files in QuickTime, other than serving them using real-time streaming protocols.

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* Die, file, die!

By Ron Nutter

Q: I have a file on my computer that I downloaded from the Internet from a paid subscription site. It’s an AVI movie file. Each time I try to open it in a program i.e., Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc., it won’t open. When I try to delete the file it is in use by another process. Every time I try to move, delete or activate the file, my computer processes get slow. I usually end up rebooting. I’ve run all kinds of anti-virus, system diagnostics and spyware programs to try and to detect something, but have found nothing. I’ve even tried to change the file extension association of the file so I can delete it but to no avail.

A: The first thing I would suggest is to boot your computer into safe mode. This should shut down all but the most basic processes on XP so that you can get access to the workstation. Press F8 just after XP starts its booting process.

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