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Building boom for Wi-Fi networks

Mar 07, 20065 mins
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Building boom for Wi-Fi networks, 03/06/06

In early 2004 Chaska, Minn., objected to the prices of local DSL and cable services and deployed a broadband wireless network for its citizens. The Minneapolis exurb of 20,000 dug $1 million out of its capital improvement budget, built a Tropos Wi-Fi …

Wireless Weblog: Municipal Wi-Fi nets surging, 03/06/06

This year could see deployment of scores of municipal wireless nets, using a combination of 802.11-based mesh nets combined with WiMax backhaul links. Will this bridge the “digital divide?” Will they bring new competition into the Internet access …

Choosing sides: Wi-Fi or EV-DO?, 03/06/06

If your company is in Tempe, Ariz., you’re now faced with a decision: should you spend money on metro-area Wi-Fi services or cellular data services such as 1X EVDO?

Editorial: Trying to learn from disasters, 03/06/06

Avaya recently sponsored a roundtable discussion in Boston about improving communications during disasters, a conversation that took into account everything from private/public sector collaboration to the ROI of disaster preparedness.

Wireless Weblog: RIM pays off its adversary, 03/06/06

with patent adversary NTP, paying $612.5 million to settle all outstanding patent claims. The long-running federal court case against the Blackberry maker was dismissed Friday after the deal was signed.

HP launches new notebook PCs, 03/06/06

HP Monday beefed up its line of business notebooks with two new series using dual-core processors from Intel.

Technology delivers high data rates, 03/06/06

An emerging mobile broadband technology can deliver high-speed data services to workers wherever they are.

Cool Tools: Apple goes too far with stereo system, 03/06/06

We’re taking a break from testing stuff this week to ponder the news of some new products from Apple, Sony and SMC Networks.

Underwater lab dives into thin client, wireless net technologies, 03/06/06

The two sites are linked through a big NOAA weather buoy, basically a raft about 30 feet across, with a mast the same distance high, positioned over the habitat. The buoy carries the antennas, twin power generators and air compressors, network gear …

Shutdown avoided as BlackBerry dispute is settled, 03/03/06

Research In Motion (RIM) and NTP have settled their long-standing legal battle, with RIM paying NTP $612.5 million to settle all of NTP’s patent claims against it.

Researchers warn that using cell phones on airplanes shouldn’t fly, 03/03/06

Airlines need to do a better job of keeping passengers from using cell phones and laptops during flight because interference caused by such gear could cause accidents, according to a new study.

Wireless Weblog: So this guy builds a 60-foot tower to get Internet access.., 03/03/06

I was stuck with a 56k modem for nine years because no other option is available in my town.” An epic tale of desperation, determination, digging, 14,000 pounds of concrete, and wireless broadband obsession.

African ICT investments under scrutiny, 03/03/06

Investments in African information and communication technologies have come under scrutiny lately, as the World Bank offered to help fund several projects, and in one case this week was rejected.

Cebit: Microsoft Origami is one of many consumer gadgets on show, 03/03/06

Cebit is not just about IT for the enterprise: exhibitors will also be showing new consumer gadgets and services.

Wireless Weblog: Should Palm sell itself?, 03/02/06

This seems like a strange idea to me. In this BusinessWeek analysis , Rachel Rosmarin picks up suggestions by two key stockholders in Palm, one of them Mark Nelson, who owns 8% of the company, both of whom argue the company should sell itself while …

Wireless Weblog: Contracts signed for Philly wireless net, 03/02/06

Philadelphia Mayor John Street this week signed four agreements between Earthlink and the city-chartered non-profit group Wireless Philadelphia. The contracts are the latest step in creating a wireless Internet service covering 135 square miles. As …

Microsoft offers a few more ‘Origami’ details, 03/02/06

Despite the buzz being generated by its Origami Project, Microsoft plans to give it only brief mention at the upcoming Cebit trade show, even though that event coincides with when the company has said it will offer more details. The project apparently …

Singaporean mobile operators to regulate content, 03/02/06

Three Singaporean mobile operators have agreed on guidelines intended to prevent minors accessing “undesirable content” using 3G services.

Deutsche Telekom has big plans for T-Mobile USA, 03/02/06

Deutsche Telekom isn’t talking numbers – yet – but intends to acquire additional spectrum to strengthen the position of its U.S. mobile phone unit, the company’s CEO said Thursday.

Google News goes mobile, 03/01/06

In a further push into the mobile space, Google has optimized Google News for mobile phone users.

Wireless in the Enterprise Newsletter: Integrator advocates ‘worst-case’ Wi-Fi designs, 03/01/06

It’s common for organizations to find the budget to deploy a wireless LAN to support a single, pressing application. However, once the network has been …

Wireless Weblog: Bluesocket CEO steps down, 03/01/06

Wireless security vendor Bluesocket has announced that CEO Ralph Calisti, who joined the company in August of 2004, has “decided to leave…to pursue other interests.” Vice President of Engineering James Funucane has been named by the board of directors …

Mystery surrounds PC-to-mobile virus, 03/01/06

A mystery is deepening around a report about the emergence of a virus that can pass from a PC to a mobile device, with some anti-virus vendors saying they have not seen the code to confirm it.