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Microsoft releases critical Internet Explorer patch

Apr 13, 20063 mins
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Microsoft releases critical Internet Explorer patch, 04/11/06

Microsoft has released its security software patches for April, addressing an unpatched bug in the Internet Explorer (IE) browser that hackers had been exploiting for several weeks.

PolyServe helps consolidate SQL Server systems, 04/12/06

PolyServe Wednesday announced it has released a utility for Microsoft’s SQL Server that aims to make it easier for enterprises to consolidate their database servers and cluster them for better performance and availability.

Second-hand Microsoft licenses fuel start-up, 04/11/06

A company that came up with the idea of selling second-hand Microsoft software licenses said it has sold thousands of them in its first few months of operation.

Microsoft’s Google Scholar rival set to go Live, 04/11/06

Microsoft plans to release a new search tool late Tuesday that will go head to head with Google’s Google Scholar service, the company has confirmed.

Microsoft patch causes user pain, 04/10/06

Companies using Microsoft’s ActiveX technology within their Web applications will have to install a patch this week to avoid the possibility that changes in Internet Explorer could affect those applications adversely.

IPTV in Europe won’t be quick money maker, study says, 04/10/06

Even if users flock to new television services offered over high-speed Internet connections, telcos in Western Europe should expect only modest profits in the short term, according to a new report released Monday by Gartner.

Microsoft exec warns: Beware rootkits, 04/10/06

If your system gets infiltrated by a rootkit, you might as well just “waste the system entirely,” a Microsoft official told fellow security professionals last week at the annual InfoSec Conference here.

Microsoft makes Virtual Server 2005 R2 a free download, 04/10/06

Microsoft said last week it would remove the price tag from its Virtual Server and begin offering the virtualization technology as a free download to Windows users.

Company finds new homes for Microsoft licenses, 04/10/06

A company in the U.K. has found a viable business model in procuring Microsoft product licenses from companies going out of business and reselling them to other customers.

Linux backers plan WinHEC shadow conference, 04/10/06

Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) this year will get some open-source competition, as Linux proponents are planning to hold the first-ever FreedomHEC conference for Linux hardware engineers immediately following WinHEC in …

SharePoint emerges as centerpiece of Microsoft collaboration plan,Deck: Software to come as …, 04/10/06

After several years without a clear focal point for its collaboration strategy, Microsoft now is planning to put SharePoint Server at the center of its efforts.

Linux Newsletter: ‘Getting the facts’ on Microsoft’s other Linux Web site, 04/10/06

“Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!” – Dr. Peter Venkman, Ghost Busters.

Dr. Internet: Ensuring embedded content still works in Internet Explorer, 04/10/06

I understand that Internet Explorer is being changed to disable the functionality of the Object, Embed and Applet tags in HTML documents. How can I make sure our embedded content still works the way we want it?

Microsoft readies search services to rival Google, 04/07/06

Microsoft is quietly adding services to its Windows Live portfolio to compete with services Google and Yahoo already have in place.

Microsoft set to patch IE, Windows, Office next week, 04/06/06

Microsoft is set to release five security patches for its products next Tuesday, including a highly anticipated Internet Explorer (IE) fix that will address a bug that hackers have been exploiting over the past two weeks. Along with the critical IE …