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Yahoo introduces Answers in India

Apr 26, 20062 mins
Enterprise Applications

Yahoo this week introduced Yahoo Answers in India, and plans to roll out the service in the next two months in all the countries in which Yahoo is present, an executive from the company’s Indian operations said Wednesday.

“It was easier and faster to introduce it in India because we have a large user base in India that speaks English,” Rishi Behal, head of search at Yahoo India, told reporters in Bangalore, India.

India is the fifth country in which Yahoo is introducing its free community-based search engine, which lets users ask questions and receive answers from others in the Yahoo Answers community. Yahoo Answers was introduced in the U.S. in December and later in U.K., Canada and Australia.

Yahoo, in Sunnyvale, Calif., is also working on Indian languages versions of its products, particularly its community products. The company,however, provided no time frame when it plans to introduce these services in the country.

The penetration of the Internet is low in India because there is not enough content in Indian languages, Behal said. Instead of relying on third party content alone, the community sites from Yahoo will enable the community to generate content in the local languages, he added.