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Windows management tool upgraded

Nov 28, 20053 mins
Enterprise Applications

* RES brings out PowerFuse Edition 2005

Just before Thanksgiving, RES announced a new version of its PowerFuse Windows Unified Management software.

Scheduled to ship by the end of November, the update includes new security and management features such as USB Removable Disk Security, “Read-Only Blanketing” (more about that in a moment), and what RES calls “Building Blocks,” for quick configuration of all enterprise Windows desktops, laptops and thin clients.

PowerFuse first shipped more than five years ago as a management tool for Windows, enabling system administrators to lock down environments, optimize workstation and server performance, centralize licensing, and generate usage/application reports on demand from a central console – without the need for scripting.

One really neat (and, I think, exclusive to RES) feature is the ability to completely manage USB removable disks and their inherent security risks on enterprise Windows desktops and servers. Using PowerFuse’s Security Management, you can now restrict or grant read-only access to any and all removable disks based on user, group, or location, closing a huge security hole.

Another new security feature that PowerFuse Edition 2005 offers is what RES calls Read-Only Blanketing. With just a few mouse clicks, you can use the central PowerFuse console to render all local drives on any computer read-only to the user. There’s a granularity to the feature, though, so that exceptions can be configured on global and application levels.

PowerFuse Edition 2005 also introduces the concept of “Building Blocks” – virtual Windows configurations which you can design, test and approve before rolling out the settings to actual Windows desktops in the enterprise. This should lead to quicker, easier (and less bug-prone) configuration and change management of your desktop environments.

Among the other new features in PowerFuse Edition 2005 are:

* “Partly Managed” Workstations – you can allow selected users to have application installation rights which are wizard-driven, documented and traced.

* PowerFuse Webtop – This enables users to access their desktops through a Web browser and can be integrated into an organization’s existing Web portal.

* Instant Mail enhancements – In addition to Outlook/Exchange, administrators can now automate configuration of Oracle Collaboration Suite, Outlook Express, and Nortel CallPilot from the PowerFuse Console.

There’s more, but you should visit the Web site for all the details, including demo software, channel partner information, and pricing. Current Subscription Advantage and Solution Assurance customers are eligible to upgrade to PowerFuse Edition 2005 free of charge.

Lot’s of neat features in this product. You need to check it out.