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Heads roll at Nortel; more expected,

Dec 05, 20052 mins

Latest LAN news.

Heads roll at Nortel; more expected, 12/01/05

In a sign of a further shakeup to come, Nortel has dismissed two senior-level executives two weeks after a new CEO took up the reins of the troubled company.

Network Life: The Home Network Entertainment Issue, 12/05/05

The future home network; why thinking like an IT guy at home pays off; home net security product review; expert advice and more.

Wireless laptops get new defense, 12/05/05

Network Chemistry is extending its security software to cover laptops running various kinds of wireless connections.

Opinion: The need for (enough) speed, 12/05/05

So as you look at your intrusion, encryption, load-balancer and other edge infrastructure, keep your need for speed – now and in the future – in mind.

Newsletter: WLANs keep going strong, 12/01/05

If there’s one area of LANs where the hyperbole truly remains hyperbolic, it’s wireless LANs.

Cisco IOS security hole surfaces in Web server code, 11/30/05

Security researchers this week said they discovered a hole in the Web server code in Cisco’s IOS software.

Newsletter: 10G switch start-up has low profile, 11/29/05

Today I’d like to take a quick look at a 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch company that has really been flying under the radar. Raptor Networks Technology is a small company …