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Oakley Thump 2 MP3 sunglasses

Dec 05, 20054 mins
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Keith Shaw’s Cool Tools Alert

COOL TOOLS VIDEO: Oakley Thump 2 MP3 sunglasses

Keith gets the lowdown on Oakley’s newest MP3/sunglasses line from engineer Colin Smith.

LATEST COOL TOOLS COLUMN: Oakley Thump 2 and X-OOM MP3 Radio Recorder for iPod

The latest version of Oakley’s digital music eyewear, the Thump 2 adds more memory (available in 256M-, 512M- or 1G-byte versions) and as much as six hours of playback time on a single battery charge.

X-OOM MP3 Radio Recorder for iPod records simultaneous streams of Internet radio stations to your PC. The software can record as many as six streams on a typical broadband line (DSL or cable), or as many as 20 on a dedicated Internet connection (although your IT department might visit you if you try this at work).


Actiontec ships new powerline adapters

On the heels of the SMC and Netgear announcements regarding new 85M bit/sec. powerline adapters, Actiontec announced its MegaPlug series to create a powerline network for Ethernet-enabled devices.

Logitech, Skype to offer free video calling

Technology titans Logitech and Skype are teaming up to give Skype users free video calls worldwide.

Be entertained while you get directions

A manufacturer named Dream’eo today launched the Solo device, a converged pocket-sized portable media player and Global Positioning System.

New stuff for Cingular Treo 650 owners

Palm and Cingular Wireless this week have provided a software update for Cingular Treo 650 owners. The update, available here, will also be sent via SMS to owners

NETWORK LIFE: The experts’ guide to the connected home – latest issue available for download

Home networks are great for sharing printers or an Internet connection, but what your users (friends, relatives and co-workers) really want to do with them is have some fun.

They¹re going to want to view digital photos on their TV, play music on their home stereo system or stream video wirelessly from one TV to another.

And they’re going to ask you to set it all up for them.

Luckily, you have your own Expert for the Connected Home to help you through any issues surrounding home networked entertainment. This issue of Network Life explores networked entertainment options, including looking at the ongoing battle for the living room and ways to avoid falling into the network home entertainment trap. James Gaskin, our Connection Coach, offers some LAN Party Planning tips (what’s a LAN party? Ask your 13-year-old son) as well as other entertainment-related network questions.

COOL YULE TOOLS 2005: What’s in Keith’s holiday gift sack?

We’ve been dreaming of the future, and it has arrived in the form of this year’s online holiday gift guide. We’ve got reviews and suggestions of more than 100 high-tech products that you’ll want to give to friends, family or yourself.

Browse the gifts by topic:

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