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The scoop on ViewSonic’s 19-inch LCD monitor

Dec 12, 20054 mins
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* Latest Cool Tools column: The scoop on ViewSonic's 19-inch LCD monitor and Memorex' Mega TravelDrive * The past 7 days on the Cool Tools Happy Blog * Network Life: The experts' guide to the connected home * What's in Keith's gift sack? * Featured reader resource

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LATEST COOL TOOLS COLUMN: The scoop on ViewSonic’s 19-inch LCD monitor and Memorex’ Mega TravelDrive

* ViewSonic VX924

ViewSonic markets the $470 VX924 19-inch LCD monitor as “the fastest screen you’ve ever seen,” sporting a 3-millisec response time to provide better quality for graphic-intensive applications, videos and games. The monitor provides two video inputs (digital or analog), native resolution of 1,280 by 1,024 pixels, a 550:1 contrast ratio, 160-degree viewing angle, and a 270 cd/m2 brightness rate.

* Mega TravelDrive

The Mega TravelDrive (4GB) is an extremely tiny USB hard drive from Memorex that sells for about $150. It gives you the ability to carry your files with you (and if you need higher capacities, Memorex sells the drive in 6GB and 8BG versions for $180 and $230, respectively).


Recharge most of your iPods

Griffin Technology today announced its PowerBlock, a universal charger that will power and charge most iPod devices from a wall outlet. The device is now available through the Griffin Web site for $29.99.

Listen to your e-mails on an iPod

If reading all of your e-mails and Word documents is hurting your eyes (especially the ones with phrases like ‘paradigm shift’ or ‘synergy’), you can give them a rest and listen to them on an iPod, PC, PDA or even a cell phone. (Ed. Note – yeah, and hurt your ears instead)

Sony launches second DVDirect recorder model

Sony Electronics today launched another model in its DVDirect DVD recorder line that lets users record digital photos and home videos directly onto a DVD without having to use a PC as a middleman.

Home NAS box for $300 

I/OMagic Corp. today launched its EZ NetShare device, an external 3.5-inch networked hard drive with 300GB of storage capacity. For $299.99 ($1 per gigabyte!), users can attach the NetShare to an existing home network for file storage and folder sharing.

Toshiba simplifies buying process for its business notebooks

The latest business-class notebook from Toshiba in the Tecra line (Tecra L2 series) is now available through the company’s business channel partners, the company said this week.

Diskeeper celebrates 10 years of defragging

Has it really been 10 years? My how time flies when you need to defragment your system’s hard drive. Diskeeper Corp. today launched Diskeeper 10.0, the latest version of its defragmentation and storage performance software, with the latest technology to help improve performance for your Windows-based systems.

NETWORK LIFE: The experts’ guide to the connected home – latest issue available for download

Home networks are great for sharing printers or an Internet connection, but what your users (friends, relatives and co-workers) really want to do with them is have some fun.

They¹re going to want to view digital photos on their TV, play music on their home stereo system or stream video wirelessly from one TV to another.

And they’re going to ask you to set it all up for them.

Luckily, you have your own Expert for the Connected Home to help you through any issues surrounding home networked entertainment. This issue of Network Life explores networked entertainment options, including looking at the ongoing battle for the living room and ways to avoid falling into the network home entertainment trap. James Gaskin, our Connection Coach, offers some LAN Party Planning tips (what’s a LAN party? Ask your 13-year-old son) as well as other entertainment-related network questions.

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