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Dec 21, 20051 min
Enterprise Applications

* Thomas Fuchs'

Last time, I discussed a lightweight JavaScript effects library called moo.fx. Today, I have its big brother for you:, written by Thomas Fuchs.

Like moo.fx, is also built on top of Prototype. Because is very powerful, the demos are very impressive and include a drag-and-drop Ajax-based shopping cart; autocompletion of text fields (see autocompletion text fields demo) with and without Ajax (see the Ajax autocompletion demo); and sortable elements using drag and drop with Ajax callback (see the sortable lists demo). It also includes sliders and combination effects.

The author has put a lot of effort into documentation and there’s a useful FAQ as well. So while is a much bigger system than moo.fx, it is somewhat easier to understand.

These tools are amazing because you’ll see that much of the user-interface design vocabulary that we have with desktop application now has an analog in the Web applications world.

Finally, like moo.fx, is free and released under the MIT license.


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