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Q&A: Chambers defends Cisco’s wide reach

Jan 17, 20062 mins
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Q&A: Chambers defends Cisco’s wide reach, 01/16/06

Cisco is stretched in many directions, with big initiatives in the enterprise, service provider, consumer and small to midsize business markets. Add to this the company’s $7 billion purchase of Scientific-Atlanta, and it’s a plateful. Network World …

Dell CEO: We’ve had a few challenges. We’ll be back, 01/12/06

Dell still believes its direct sales model works in markets around the world, despite the company’s stumbles in its two most recent financial quarters.

InfiniBand start-up nabs $13 million, 01/11/06

InfiniBand start-up SilverStorm Technologies Tuesday announced it has closed on $13 million in new funding, a reflection of the renewed interest in the high-speed I/O switching fabric.

Top UMC executives indicted in Taiwan, 01/10/06

Bob Tsao and John Hsuan, two top executives from United Microelectronics Corp., the world’s second-largest contract chip maker, have been indicted in Taiwan over alleged illegal investments in a Chinese semiconductor company, He Jian Technology …

Analyst predicts Dell Opteron servers by year-end, 01/10/06

A financial analyst issued a report Tuesday predicting that Dell will once and for all drop its exclusive use of Intel chips in 2006 and introduce servers based on Advanced Micro Devices’ Opteron processors.

Euro project aims to stem chip power leakage, 01/10/06

As scientists delve deeper into nanoelectronics, a problem they’re confronting is power leakage. To help clear this hurdle, the European Commission is funding a consortium of research groups to the tune of $5.5 million.

Newsletter: Segment data centers to prevent zero-day attacks, 01/10/06

Fast-propagating attacks like worms or viruses can quickly bring a data center to its knees. But protecting the data center from such threats is not as …