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Jul 08, 20041 min

Thank you for subscribing to the Network World Webcast E-newsletter. FEATURED WEBCAST: This week’s featured webcast is entitled “Automated Network Storage: The Foundation for Information Lifecycle Management” and is brought to you by EMC. Information is playing an increasingly important role in determining business success. Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) has the potential to help companies prioritize and manage the information they own, so the right data is available and aligned with the priorities of the business. The lure to improve productivity, increase performance, and lower storage management costs requires the right tools and strategies, but unless you have an automated networked storage solution that is centrally managed, your ILM goals will likely fall short. Watch this webcast to learn about new automated solutions that will intelligently manage the movement, placement, cataloging, and disposition of information. We hope you find our weekly newsletter informative and welcome you to view the webcasts that meet your needs. Always on. Always current. Always FREE! To select from our complete list of on-demand webcasts, visit: