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Jul 01, 20041 min

Thank you for subscribing to the Network World Webcast E-newsletter. This week’s featured webcast is entitled “IPSec vs SSL VPN — No Need To Choose” and is brought to you by Net6. Confused by the differences between IPSec and SSL VPNs? You are not alone. One person can help clear up the confusion: Gartner Group analyst John Girard, perhaps the ultimate authority on VPNs. Tune in as Girard puts IPSec and SSL VPNs in perspective. What’s more, you’ll hear from Postini, a company that opted for a new hybrid VPN that gives them the benefits of both types of VPNs without any of the shortcomings. There’s a lot of rhetoric out there on this topic; this is your chance to get the facts straight, so tune in now. We hope you find our weekly newsletter informative and welcome you to view the webcasts that meet your needs. Always on. Always current. Always FREE! To select from our complete list of on-demand webcasts, visit: