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Face-off: Outsourcing

Jul 05, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Face-off: Outsourcing * The case for overhauling SNMP * Ease of use makes it easy to please * Wireless musical chairs

Face-off: Outsourcing

The anchor of this week’s special section on offshore IT outsourcing is a face-off that puts the issues swirling around this trend in high relief. Arguing in favor of outsourcing is S.M. Balasubramaniyan, general manager at Wipro Technologies, a global IT services provider in Bangalore, India. Arguing against is Linda Guyer, president of Alliance@IBM, Communications Workers of America Local 1701, a union of IBM employees.

The case for overhauling SNMP

Frank Dzubeck a few months ago advocated changing SNMP so that it would take advantage of XML and event-based bus architectures. After getting much resistance, this longtime industry pundit responds with in-depth analysis of how things have changed and why SNMP needs to change, too.

Ease of use makes it easy to please

Ease of use is one of those IT product qualities that’s hard to define, so every vendor claims its products are easy to use. But Kevin Tolly says it takes more than lip service to make a product easy to use – and the vendors who truly succeed at it have a distinct advantage.

Wireless musical chairs

The FCC is considering re-allocating wireless spectrum, and just the mere mention of the idea has thrown many companies – including TV broadcasters – into a tizzy. Read why in Johna Till Johnson’s Eye on the Carriers.