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Broadband over power lines gaining steam

Aug 23, 20042 mins

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Broadband over power lines gaining steam, 08/23/04

While 2004 didn’t turn into quite the rush to embrace BPL services that industry observers predicted last year, there continues to be momentum around the technology. Providers say BPL throughput can range from 300K to 2M bit/sec, about the same as cable and DSL, but that they can provide the service at a less-expensive rate.

Nortel chief discusses why enterprise stays, 08/20/04

Nortel’s strategic emphasis on the enterprise was somewhat surprising when the company announced its reorganization this week, given that enterprise equipment wasn’t viewed as core to the telecom vendor’s business. But nothing could be further from the truth, according to CEO Bill Owens, who spoke with Network World Managing Editor Jim Duffy this week.

FCC sets interim network-sharing rules, 08/20/04

The Federal Communications Commission will require incumbent telephone carriers to continue offering parts of their networks to competitors while the commission rewrites those network- …

Carrier group seeks fee overhaul, 08/18/04

A group of carriers is lobbying the FCC to overhaul the way service providers are compensated for completing calls originating on competitors’ networks.

Nortel attracts the Mounties, 08/17/04

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police this week said it has launched a criminal investigation into Nortel’s accounting practices.