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A crook by any other name

Aug 30, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* A crook by any other name * Microsoft may have shot itself in the foot * Introducing SOA * Singapore, Inc.

A crook by any other name

Johna Till Johnson is obviously relieved to be able to speak plainly about what happened in the telecom industry over the last few years. She wanted to call certain individuals “crooks,” and now that those individuals have had their day in court, she can, without fear of libel suits.

Microsoft may have shot itself in the foot

Kevin Tolly takes a closer look at the slimmed-down-for-Asia version of Windows XP, which has added some pretty severe limitations in exchange for a lower price point. But this strategy of gutting XP may have a different effect than what Microsoft intends – it may actually push users into the arms of open source software, Tolly says.

Introducing SOA

If you’re not hip to the latest IT buzzword – SOA – let industry analyst Frank Dzubeck explain what a service-oriented architecture is all about. Bringing benefits from Web services and virtualization, SOA is one of the few things that’s worth a big upgrade.

Singapore, Inc.

The government of Singapore has made itself a willing partner to businesses, and now it’s becoming an IT mecca as well. Guest columnist Shel Israel expounds upon what Singapore has to offer.