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Face-off: Do you really need a site survey?

Sep 20, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Face-off: Do you really need a site survey? * Rock the IT vote * Channeling success * Gateway bounces back

Face-off: Do you really need a site survey?

Traditionally, setting up an enterprise wireless LAN meant conducting an extensive site survey to determine the best locations for access points. Today, Farpoint Group principal Craig Mathias says such surveys are a waste of time and money. But Foundry Networks’ WLAN product manager Michael Hong argues that surveys are still necessary – just the reasons for doing them have changed.

Yes: Mathias

No: Hong

Rock the IT vote

In a presidential election year, we see pollsters talking about the young vote, the union vote, and the “undecided” vote – just to name a few. But what about the IT vote? Dave Kearns this week explains why it is imperative – particularly at a local level – to vote for those who support the same values as IT folks.

Channeling success

Juniper Networks is ramping up its channel sales program in a big way as it prepares to go toe-to-toe with Cisco in enterprise markets. Ken Presti tells us why everything Juniper does in this area depends on the success of this effort.

Gateway bounces back

Gateway is a company that has had lots of high-profile financial trouble in the last few years. But it has cut its quarterly losses to eight figures and cut its headcount by 76%. Network World Editor-in-Chief John Dix explains why the new Gateway is worth a new look.