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Why go all the way to 10G?

Sep 27, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Why go all the way to 10G? * WebEx crosses the line * Probably not a good idea to buy MCI * A twist on ‘online voting’

Why go all the way to 10G?

If 10 Gigabit Ethernet is giving you sticker shock, you might want to consider bundling some Gigabit Ethernet ports instead. Kevin Tolly explains how you can easily get 40% of the bandwidth of 10G for a mere 3% of the cost.

WebEx crosses the line

Scott Bradner doesn’t really try to conceal his disdain for network equipment sales people. In fact, if he’s getting a briefing, he tells us right up front that he often just half-listens, while he reads his e-mail or does some other form of online multitasking. But sometimes the vendor wants to involve WebEx – and Bradner simply refuses. He explains why in this week’s ‘Net Insider.

Probably not a good idea to buy MCI

Some folks have speculated that MCI should be bought. But its assets aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, says Johna Till Johnson in this week’s Eye on the Carriers. The two biggest reasons for buying MCI are its network and its customers – and there are issues with both.

A twist on ‘online voting’

In this year’s presidential election, everyone wants to make sure their vote counts. ‘Net Buzzman Paul McNamara takes a look at a site that is dedicated to that principle – and to getting around the Electoral College system.