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This week on Network World Fusion, 11/17/03

Nov 17, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

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1) The Extended Enterprise 2) Cisco, Nortel to embrace SSL-based VPNs 3) Tech industry starts to show signs of life 4) Promising indicators suggest telecom recovery looming 5) Technology Update: Wireless mesh networks boost reliability 6) From Net.Worker: Big ideas for advancing telework 7) Wireless Wizards: Wait for 802.11i? 8) Vendor brings Cobol apps to the Web 9) VMware points users toward utility computing 10) Carriers brace for number portability 11) Security Notes: Security implications of the Citrix server approach 12) Venture funding holds its own during Q3 13) WLAN protocol hits standards trail 14) Management Notes: Controlling app behavior 15) IM management may take years to conquer 16) Novell buys its way deeper into Linux 17) Wireless Notes: Next-generation WLANs 18) Help Desk: To honeypot or not 19) Feds to push new set of security controls 20) Red Hat drops free Linux

1) WLANs shift to new gear

2) Tester’s Challenge: Dumb defaults

3) IETF’s quest to be quicker moves slowly

4) Tallying the true cost of spam

5) Security Notes: Guarding the way out

6) Nutter’s Help Desk: What hackers can find out about you

7) Illuminating portal possibilities

8) Breaking the glass firewall

9) Product Peek: Avocent hits home with new KVM

10) Technology Update: RTCP XR measures VoIP performance

11) Selecting a systems integrator

12) Footwear maker treads wirelessly

13) IP PBXs gain on application front

14) ISPs take on DDoS attacks

15) Smaller Comdex changes with the times

16) Wi-Fi access to VPNs goes global

17) Adoption of IPS increasing, cautiously

18) Security experts band together

19) Apple targets Linux, Windows

20) Management Notes: HP scores with new services