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They cut the wrong operating system

Dec 15, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* They cut the wrong operating system * Why stop at VPNs? * Convergence moves from hype to reality * Prediction scorecard

They cut the wrong operating system

Newer isn’t necessarily better when it comes to operating systems, as many IT managers know. But vendors don’t seem to grasp that concept, points out Dave Kearns in this week’s Wired Windows. Case in point: Novell’s recent decision to discontinue support for NetWare 4. Maybe NetWare 5 would have been a better candidate for the ax.

Why stop at VPNs?

VPNs are cheap. Too cheap, from a service provider perspective. Tom Nolle explains that to find a way to get more money from VPNs, service providers will start to add features that go beyond basic functions. Hopefully, those features will be useful.

Convergence moves from hype to reality

Now that the hype around convergence has died down a bit, it’s time to pay attention to the technology – because it turns out that the hype was really justified. Johna Till Johnson spells out exactly why.

Prediction scorecard

It’s easy to make predictions for the IT industry every year, and many pundits do. But Network World’s John Dix holds himself accountable, and at the end of the year looks back to see how much our predictions came true.