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Pop-ups keep popping

Jan 26, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Pop-ups keep popping * New possibilities for IM * Making copies not what it used to be * Time to learn more about on-demand computing

Pop-ups keep popping

Mark Gibbs is not a fan of pop-up ads – whether they pop up, under or out. But with technology available to block pop-ups, he’s already looking ahead to the next frontier of online advertising, and is offering a reward to anyone who can figure out a way to block that.

New possibilities for IM

When instant messaging takes on wireless, the possibilities are intriguing. Ira Brodsky this week explains that we could soon not only know if IM buddies are “online,” but also know where they are, physically. Or at least, where their phones are. But there are challenges to getting there.

Making copies not what it used to be

One network element that has gone largely unrecognized is the copier. Yes, it used to just print copies, but Network World Editor-in-Chief John Dix points out that today’s copier can be a network-capable piece of a larger document-management strategy – and that has certain implications for IT executives.

Time to learn more about on-demand computing

Do you understand on-demand computing, and how it might fit into your corporate IT plans? Probably not. But getting your mind around this new concept will be one of your top challenges in 2004, according to Frank Dzubeck’s Industry Commentary this week.