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Go ahead, call it crazy

Feb 02, 20042 mins
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* Go ahead, call it crazy * Voice hangs in the balance * More addresses without the IPv6 headache * Look ahead to Demo

Go ahead, call it crazy

‘Net Buzz’s Paul McNamara this week returns to the column after a few weeks of medical leave only to focus his attention on Internet-based voting, which seems to be a Really Bad Idea. That’s according to a full report from security experts commissioned by the military. But the military is ignoring the results and implementing the Really Bad Idea anyway.

Voice hangs in the balance

The FCC is reviewing a couple of cases that could have far-reaching impacts on entire industries, says Johna Till Johnson in this week’s Eye on the Carriers. In particular, the cases have to do with aspects of voice over IP, and the FCC’s decisions could help to make some voice calls more expensive than others.

More addresses without the IPv6 headache

There’s a new way to get around having to go to IPv6, and it’s coming from the consumer world. Suddenly, your appliances need IP addresses, and to help them Matsushita developed “Kebab,” says Kevin Tolly. Whether it will catch on more generally has yet to be seen.

Look ahead to Demo

Demo 2004 will be here in just a couple weeks, and Network World’s Chris Shipley has a preview of the fascinating products you’ll find there.