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Where the money goes

Feb 09, 20041 min
Enterprise Applications

* Where the money goes * Watch that knee * Sun’s different desktop * Why is there no reality TV for geeks?

Where the money goes

You’re probably not saving money on your telecom bill – even though prices are down substantially from 10 years ago. The reason is that you’re likely using more bandwidth now than ever, explains Johna Till Johnson in this week’s Eye on the Carriers.

Watch that knee

The trend of offshore outsourcing, which can save companies bundles of money, raises all sorts of questions and concerns, points out Linda Musthaler. Unfortunately, some reactions to the trend are of the knee-jerk variety.

Sun’s different desktop

Sun uses 27,000 of its own Sun Ray desktop alternatives. What’s that, you ask? Network World Editor-in-Chief John Dix says it’s a thin client that could help companies break away from their desktop upgrade cycles.

Why is there no reality TV for geeks?

Dave Kearns this week expands on his idea for an IT Olympics. Why not make it into a “reality” TV show? Presumably, Dave would be the host.