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Microsoft calls for Caller ID for e-mail

Feb 25, 20047 mins
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For those of you who have caller ID on your phone, you’ll know how useful it can be in helping you dodge those nuisance telemarketing calls. Microsoft wants to bring that convenience to your computer, as part of its bid to stamp out spam. Among a laundry list of announcements the software giant is making at this week’s RSA Security Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft is proposing technical standards it calls Caller ID for e-mail to authenticate the sender of an e-mail message. In his keynote address, Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates said: “Having e-mail come in and not being able to identify where it is coming from is a huge security hole. Authenticating e-mail is a very key initiative for us.” Good on you, Bill.


Microsoft designing message transfer agent for network edge, 02/24/04

Microsoft said on Tuesday it plans to offer a new standalone message transfer agent that runs on the edge of corporate networks to securely handle the flow of e-mail to and from the Internet.

Crypto stars sound off on e-voting, DRM, 02/25/04

A panel of distinguished cryptographers at the RSA Conference in San Francisco weighed in on a variety of hot button issues, including electronic voting and rights management for digital media.

Trusted Solaris has secure future, Sun says, 02/24/04

Sun will continue to offer the Trusted Solaris version of its operating system as a separate product, a company official said Tuesday, trying to clear up any confusion that Sun may have caused in the marketplace.

Gates promotes Microsoft’s security efforts at RSA, 02/24/04

Microsoft is “on the right track” in securing its software, the company’s Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates said Tuesday in a presentation that included new details on a Windows XP update and the company’s spam-fighting efforts.

Microsoft to unveil anti-spam plans, 02/24/04

Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates will use this week’s RSA Conference in San Francisco to unveil a proposed open technology standard that Microsoft hopes will make it harder to fake the source of unsolicited commercial e-mail.

Memory Experts launches biometric hard drives, 02/23/04

A biometric hard drive capable of delivering the storage power of a PC in a pocket-sized data device will be launched by Memory Experts International Tuesday at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.

RSA show to highlight new security approaches, 02/23/04

The 10,000 people expected to attend the RSA Conference 2004 this week in San Francisco will be treated to new approaches to the age-old security problems of fixing vulnerabilities and verifying user identities.

RSA Conference is a coming-out party for trio of start-ups, 02/23/04

Three security start-ups will debut this week at the RSA Conference looking to make a mark in protecting enterprise customers against attack from inside and outside their organizations.


One place the glass is always full, 02/23/04

When you attend Demo, you check your pessimism at the door. You root for the start-ups that promise to revolutionize the industry. You see a new gadget and pray that your company will buy one for you (check out my favorites here). You watch a demonstration that merges real-time video with virtual 3-D objects (from Total Immersion SA) and write “WOW!” in your notebook. In other words, it’s very hard not to get bitten by the Demo optimism bug.

Final Demo thoughts, 02/19/04

As I sit back in my office with boxes and papers lying around, the real world has sunk back in a little after the two fun days out at Demo seeing enthusiastic start-ups and cool products.


Vendors jump to support Intel’s 64-bit extensions, 02/23/04

At the Spring Intel Developer Forum last week, three major players in the server market pledged their support to the chip with 64-bit extensions technology that Intel announced it will release next quarter.


Vendors bring on the VoIP gear,  02/23/04

In the next few weeks IP telephony vendors will launch a parade of new gear and applications aimed at making corporate employees more productive via converged voice, data and video applications.

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March 22-24, Georgia, Atlanta

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March 22-24, Orlando, Florida

Spring VON (Voice on the Net) 2004

March 29-Apr. 1, Santa Clara

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May 17-20, Orlando, Florida,5158,578,00.html

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May 23-28, San Diego


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