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Anti-spam appliances vs. software

Mar 01, 20042 mins
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* Face-off: Anti-spam appliances vs. software * Organized resistance * A different kind of test * Tracking down the innovators

Face-off: Anti-spam appliances vs. software

Everyone agrees that spam is a problem that must be dealt with by any company that wants to use e-mail – which today means every company there is. But that leaves plenty of room for debate over which approach to fighting spam is the best. This week Network World pits Brightmail CTO Ken Schneider against Mirapoint Senior Manager Tim Chiu over the question of appliances vs. software.

Tim Chiu: Anti-spam appliances are better than software

Ken Schneider: Anti-spam appliances are not better than software

Organized resistance

Speaking of the S-word, Network World is launching a free seminar tour devoted to the topic later this month. Events Editor Sandra Gittlen gives a preview.

A different kind of test

The Tolly Group was recently asked to test the performance of Linksys’ gear and compare it to that of a “competitor” – which also happened to be Linksys gear. The difference was one of the components, and as Kevin Tolly points out this week, components can make all the difference. And that makes for some tough buying decisions.

Tracking down the innovators

Big companies have billions of dollars at their disposal for developing new products. So why are scrappy little start-ups still centers of innovation? This question is weighed this week by Howard Anderson, who just happens to fund a lot of those scrappy little companies.