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Making e-mail productive again

Feb 18, 20042 mins
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* Network World Tech Tour targets spam

One of the biggest frustrations among your users is the amount of spam in the inbox. Yet, for every piece of unsolicited mail you track down and block, there are hundreds more angling to get through. The overall effect is devastating to any organization.

Network World next month launches its newest Technology Tour, “Messaging and Spam: Chaos to Control” ( This tour was developed to help IT managers accomplish one goal: return your messaging infrastructure to a cost-effective and productive tool.

Mark Gibbs, author of Network World’s Backspin and Gearhead columns and the Web Applications newsletter, keynotes the tour, bringing his years of experience to help you tackle the challenges you constantly encounter with spam.

In his morning address, Gibbs plans to look at the state of the messaging industry. He’ll point out the rising costs of not only battling spam with software, but also the inherent costs in managing ever-increasing amounts of e-mail. Storage, support and bandwidth costs are among the culprits.

He’ll also detail the liability issues that companies are facing in the wake of spam and compromised messaging systems. The statistics are sobering, to say the least.

Gibbs, in his morning and afternoon addresses, will offer a comprehensive approach to battling spam – step-by-step walking you through how to lasso what may seem completely uncontrollable. (Hint: You’ll love the spam calculator he plans to present for cost modeling.)

Joining Gibbs and me on this tour will be the leading companies in the messaging industry, including MailFrontier, MXLogic, NetIQ, SurfControl and Sybari Software. Barracuda Networks, Process Software and SingleFin will also be on hand to discuss their products and services.

Each company will take a piece of the messaging puzzle and show you a unique way to solve it. Look for demonstrations of their offerings at exhibit booths during the day.

By the end of the day, you’ll have the information you need to battle your own messaging mayhem. Register now at> and as always, stop by and give me your feedback.