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IBM gathers its troops to target SMBs

Mar 10, 20048 mins
Enterprise Applications

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IBM wants a chunk of the $300 billion that small and midsized businesses are expected to spend on IT, the company told the 5,400 technology vendors, resellers and distributors who attended IBM’s PartnerWorld event in Las Vegas last week. As part of its effort to woo SMB owners, IBM plans to add new products to its SMB portfolio and develop wizards to make it easier for systems integrators to link IBM technology. And to get its partners even more excited at the prospect of grabbing a portion of the $300 billion prize IBM treated show attendees to an inspirational speech by legendary actor, director and entrepreneur Robert Redford. Attendees learned how Redford grew his small Sundance Institute to become a leading force in independent film-making.  


IBM targets vertical markets, SMBs, 03/08/04

Users can expect to see more products from IBM flavored with industry-specific capabilities and aimed at midsize companies. At least that’s the message from IBM’s most senior executives, who turned out last week to woo some of Big Blue’s 90,000 business partners – a lucrative sect responsible for $29 billion of IBM’s $89 billion 2003 revenue.

IBM launches initiatives to automate and integrate, 03/04/04

At its PartnerWorld conference in Las Vegas this week, IBM announced two initiatives that ultimately could make it easier to integrate business and IT events across multiple platforms, to automate workflows and to provision resources.

Robert Redford talks creativity, collaboration at IBM event, 03/03/04

“Be aware that the only thing that really succeeds is change.” Legendary actor, director and entrepreneur Robert Redford Tuesday closed his remarks to an audience of IBM business partners with these words, encouraging them to think creatively, take risks and champion new ideas.

IBM chief touts standards, mid-market push, 03/03/04

IBM is continuing to step up its efforts to develop technologies aimed at midsize companies and tailored to meet the needs of specific industries. At its annual PartnerWorld event going on this week in Las Vegas, IBM has its most senior executives, including CEO Sam Palmisano, spreading the word to its business partners.

IBM starts fund to aid displaced workers, 03/02/04

IBM will create a $25 million, two-year training fund to assist employees who fear their that jobs are at risk of being shipped away to lower-cost locations, company executives said Monday at IBM’s PartnerWorld conference.

IBM CEO preaches standards, 03/01/04

IBM Chairman and CEO Sam Palmisano used one of his rare conference keynote appearances Monday to exhort the company’s business partners to adopt IBM’s on-demand vision of standards-based IT flexibility.

IBM lures partners to sell hosted services, 03/01/04

IBM will offer incentives for partners to resell e-business hosting services, an attempt to help its hardware resellers to expand beyond the selling of systems, IBM will announce Monday at its PartnerWorld show in Las Vegas.


Breaking code in the name of good, 03/08/04

It may seem odd to release a book called “Exploiting Software: How to break code” at a security conference.  But co-authors Gary McGraw and Greg Hoglund did just that at the RSA Conference in San Francisco in February and weren’t thrown out on their ears.

Doubts dog Microsoft spam plan, 03/01/04

Even with Microsoft  lending its clout to an expanding anti-spam movement centered on authenticating e-mail senders, experts caution the approach comes laden with technical challenges and unanswered questions.

Microsoft to make its software ‘behave’, 03/01/04

Microsoft’s revelation last week that it is adopting a new approach to computer security dubbed “behavior blocking” represents a radical shift in the company’s software design strategy that could pay off for attack-weary Windows users, industry watchers say.

Competing technologies could shake up e-mail, 03/01/04

Microsoft’s announcement at the RSA Conference last week of a host of initiatives to stop unsolicited commercial e-mail, or spam, highlighted some tectonic shifts taking place in the once staid world of Internet messaging.

Crypto stars sound off on e-voting, DRM, 02/25/04

A panel of distinguished cryptographers at the RSA Conference in San Francisco weighed in on a variety of hot button issues, including electronic voting and rights management for digital media.


Convergence of voice, data applies to IT staffs, 03/04/04

With the popularity of VoIP systems growing, CIOs and IT managers must wrestle with ways to merge their voice and data staffs, IT managers said here at VoiceCon this week.

Lucent introduces a new Web portal, 03/03/04

Lucent is introducing a bundle of equipment consisting of Lucent gear and equipment made by partners that provides an IP telephony system for midsize and large businesses.

Cisco, Nortel VoIP debate wows crowd, 03/02/04

Nortel and Cisco squared off in a presidential-style debate at VoiceCon today, each defending its own approach for VoIP.

VoIP to be scaled down, untethered at VoiceCon, 03/01/04

Vendors this week at VoiceCon will introduce IP gear designed to give small and midsize businesses sophisticated voice and data capabilities while converging all their traffic on one network.


Linux to star at Novell conference, 03/08/04

Attendees heading to Novell’s annual BrainShare customer conference later this month should anticipate the company announcing a variety of products designed to flesh out its Linux strategy.

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