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Getting the jump on wireless networking

Mar 17, 20042 mins
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* Network World Wireless LANs Tour

Wireless networking has come a long way in the past few months. In the fall of last year, we toured the country with our Wireless LANs Technology Tour talking about security issues that were looming, the need for 802.11g and more.

Now the conversation has changed to more of an evangelical tone – wireless networks are here, they are safe and they are maturing rapidly.

In fact, our Technology Tour “Wireless LANs: Gaining Strength, Reaching Farther,” which kicks off in April (, explores the sophisticated approaches you can take to deploying and expanding your wireless network.

Wireless expert Craig Mathias keynotes this tour and will bring you up to speed on all the happenings in the industry over the past few months. He’ll also give you insight into where wireless networking is headed with new initiatives like WiMAX, 802.11i and other hot topics.

Joining Mathias on-stage will be my esteemed colleague, Senior Reviews Editor Keith Shaw. Shaw and Mathias will do a frank one-on-one discussion about the state of the industry aimed at helping you make tough buying decisions.

And tough buying decisions are the name of the game. This is new territory for many folks. And it’s easy to overspend and under-architect. What you need is a gameplan. What technology – in terms of distance served, security levels and interoperability – works best for you.

The presenters on our tour run the gamut on their approaches to these challenges. You’ll hear from 3Com, Aruba, Foundry, Legra, Meru and Trapeze. All have a niche in this marketplace that could address your unique needs. Look for demonstrations from each company on how they best fit into your network.

This is also a good opportunity to get your questions answered. Last year, the audience had great questions about return on investment, interference and overall security concerns, which the panelists answered in an honest an in-depth manner. I encourage you to bring any challenges you’re having in the wireless arena to the floor so that your peers can benefit from the panelists’ responses.

Here’s your chance to be on the cutting edge of wireless deployments in the enterprise. Register at