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The uh-oh factor

Mar 15, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Hooked on the lowest bidder * Let the games continue * I spy * Wrangling over services revenue

Hooked on the lowest bidder

What have we as IT people gotten ourselves into? Backspinner Mark Gibbs this week examines the question of how we got into the position of relying on Microsoft’s code to such a high degree – and the high cost, such as in terms of virus threats, that comes with that reliance.

Let the games continue

MCI and AT&T have long been at each other’s throats. Voice over IP and MCI’s recent bankruptcy are making things in this rivalry more interesting than ever. As Tom Nolle points out, one company is taking a defensive approach, while the other is clearly on the offensive. Who will win?

I spy

Networked cameras may be dropping into your price range. In-Stat/MDR analyst Mike Wolf notes that such cameras – which, by the way, are “just plain cool” – are getting to price levels where a consumer might pick one up. Imagine the possibilities.

Wrangling over services revenue

Former Network World newsletter author Ken Presti returns to Network World to chime in on the issue of where to get your services. Do you go to the value-added resellers, or the manufacturers themselves?