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HP readies low-cost Fibre Channel drives

Apr 06, 20043 mins
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HP readies low-cost Fibre Channel drives, 04/06/04

HP will begin offering low-cost Fibre Channel disks in July that will cost about one-half the price of current Fibre Channel storage, according to HP.

McNealy: Don’t dismiss us in data centers, 04/05/04

Sun warned us: You can interview CEO Scott McNealy, but don’t ask about the financials, which Sun said last week will include up to an $810 million loss for the latest quarter. We more or less stuck to technology and strategy questions, though Network World Senior Editors Deni Connor and Jennifer Mears still managed to get a rise out of McNealy.

Feature: Extreme server makeovers, 04/05/04

Server consolidation has become one of those inescapable trends in the computer industry – everyone, it seems, is either doing it, planning to do it or thinking they should be doing it.

Blades raise heat, power issues, 04/05/04

At the recent Server Blade Summit in San Jose, attendees saw firsthand how the increase in power demands from the densely packed systems could affect enterprise data centers: An interoperability demonstration of working blade systems caused the power in the Wyndham Hotel that hosted the conference to flicker on and off sporadically throughout the event.

University builds cluster in a day; fails to break into Top 500 fastest supercomputers, 04/05/04

Students and staff at the University of San Francisco failed in their attempt last Saturday to build a supercomputer that would run a benchmark fast enough to secure it a place in the Top 500 list of supercomputers.

Alcatel launches workgroup switch, 04/05/04

Alcatel last week launched an all-Gigabit switch aimed at high-end workgroups or for connecting servers or clustered nodes in a data center.

Vendors readying InfiniBand switches, 04/05/04

InfiniBand switch vendors Topspin Communications and Voltaire today are expected to announce switches that expand their product lines to support bigger clustered systems. The companies say the moves will breathe new life into the high-speed I/O switching fabric technology that failed to take off as initially expected.

EMC introduces Clariion disk library, 04/05/04

EMC Monday plans to announce a new line of storage arrays designed to let customers replace tape-based back-up systems with faster disk-based devices.

F5 brings traffic management to blades, 04/05/04

F5 Networks is extending its presence in the emerging blade-server management market with new security and packet-inspection enhancements to its BIG-IP Blade Controller software.

Tech Update: IPMI V2.0 eases blade management, 04/05/04

High-performing, reliable systems used to have one drawback: They were usually built with proprietary components that offered little or no interoperability. Server management relied on proprietary tools that made it difficult for IT to manage multi-vendor server racks and blade servers. A standard was needed to tie things together, and it arrived in the form of the Intelligent Platform Management Interface.