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Affording monoculture

Mar 22, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Affording monoculture * Regulation: A sticky wicket for VoIP * The solution to 'offshoring' problem: Innovation * This is madness in any month

Hooked on the lowest bidder

Affording monoculture

Last week, Backspinner Mark Gibbs examined the question of how we got into the position of relying so heavily on Microsoft’s code. He finished that rant by asking if anyone had ever heard of the Irish Potatoe Famine. This week he tackles that very question.

Regulation: A sticky wicket for VoIP

Clearly the states and the FCC are playing catch-up. Besides Internet-based services like Pulver’s FreeWorld Dialup and upstart Vonage, even the big boys are making waves – AT&T, MCI and others are embracing VoIP. So the question for corporations is, will any of this largely consumer activity affect corporate VoIP plans?

The solution to ‘offshoring’ problem: Innovation

Eye on the Carriers’ columnist Johna Till Johnson says that when it comes to offshoring it is not U.S. workers who need to redouble their efforts at education and research. It’s the U.S. government. But before you write her off as another supporter of wasteful government spending, check out her explanation.

This is madness in any month

With identity thieves, virus writers and spammers running willy-nilly across the Web, federal prosecutors nonetheless have decided they have the time and taxpayer dollars to prosecute media outlets for doing nothing more than selling advertising to online gambling sites. Check out this week’s ‘Net Buzz to hear why Paul McNamara finds this so unconstitutional and cockamamie.